Academic Calendar 2016 – 2017

Date                       Event
28th  August 2016 First Term Commences
21st August 2016 First working day of the year for teachers
23rd – 25th August 2016 Staff Training Day
28th August 2016 School re-opens for all students from K.G to Gr.12
15th  Sept. 2016 CPP & IGCSE Orientation Programme
11th – 13th Sep. 2016 Eid Al Adha Holiday     (Expected)
16th  Oct.– 20th Oct 2016 1st Class Tests
2nd Oct. 2016 1st Muharram Holiday    (Expected)
27th  Oct. 2016 Teacher’s Day & Parents -Teachers Meeting
3rd  Nov. 2016 Flag Day
30th  Nov. 2016 Commemoration Day
2nd  &  3rd  Dec. 2016 UAE  National Day Holiday
07th  to 15th  Dec.2016 1st Term / IGCSE Cycle -1 Exams.
11th  Dec. 2016 The Prophet’s Birthday     (Expected)
18th Dec.– 5th  Jan.2017 Winter Vacation
08th  Jan 2017 Second Term Commences
3rd – 5th Jan 2017 Leadership Day & Staff training
7th – 9th Feb 2017 Book Exhibition + Art exhibition
12th– 16th Feb.2017 2nd Class test
15th Feb. 2017 Sports Day for Special Education Needs (SEN)
16th  Feb .2017 Sports Day for KG
19th  Feb .2017 Sports Day for Gr. 1 & 2
20th Feb .2017 Sports Day for Gr. 3 & 4
21st  Feb .2017 Sports Day for Gr. 5, 6
22nd  Feb.2017 Sports Day for Gr. 7&8
23rd  Feb.2017 Sports Day for Gr. 9,10,11&12
23rd  Feb. 2017 Parents -Teachers Meeting
14th – 23rd Mar.2017 2nd Term / IGCSE  Cycle -2 Examination
26th  Mar– 6th April 2017 Spring Holidays
9th April 2017 Third Term Commences
24th April 2017 Israa  &  almairaj          (Expected)
14th – 18th May 2017 3rd. Class test
08th May– 22ndJune 2017 IGCSE Final Exam.
11th – 22nd June 2017 3rd.  Term Exams
25th & 26th June 2017 Resit Examination
Resit Exam. Timing  09:00 am to 11:00 am.
If a candidate fails to appear or pass the re-exam, will result in the repetition of the class
29th June 2017 Distribution of  Final  Term Report Cards
29th June 2017 Last Working Day For Teaching Staff
3rd  Sept. 2017 Reporting Day For Teachers for the next academic year
10th Sept. 2017 School re-opens for all students from KG to Gr.12

Note: School Administration is open for registration through out summer and its schedule will be posted on the school website.

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