Admission Procedure

Admission Policy Procedures and Requirements:
Dubai Carmel School selects candidates and grants admission upon successful completion of the procedure given below:-

  1. Walk in the school premises, call the school at 04-2675424 or fill in the Admission Inquiry form to get an appointment with one of the member of the Admission Committee.
  2. To fill in an online Admission Inquiry form click here for KG , click here for Primary or click here for Secondary
  3. Get an entrance exam date during appointment with the member of the admission committee.
  4. The student is expected to appear for an entrance exam  in the subject English and Mathematics.
  5. The entrance examination results will be announced within four days of test.
  6. After passing the entrance exam proceed to Ms. Nadia in Admin Section to fulfil the documentation requirements and sign the contract.
  7. Once the documents are submitted proceed to accounts department for finalizing the admission.
  8. Students applying for admission to Grade 12 (AS Levels) are exempted from the entrance exam and are allowed to take subjects provided they have scored at least a C Grade in the same subject at IGCSE Level.

Contact Persons: 

Mr. Wasif Kizilbash    (04-2675424  Ext. 220) for admission in Grade 7 – 12.

Ms. Raja ’a Rebhi Rashid Alashi (04-2675424  Ext. 200) for admission in Grade 1 – 6.

Ms. Wafa Abdul Rahim Alfaraa (04-2675424  Ext. 210) for admission in Grade  KG 1 – KG 2.
Documents required at the time of registration:
1. Your candidate’s birth certificate.
2. Vaccination record
3. Passport copy with the visa page
4. Last report card of the child
5. Last leaving certificate (with attestations done if you are new to the country)
6. Passport size photographs of the child (5 in number)
Registration Form is available at school reception.

Age Policy for  Admission:

Age Policy for Admission