Criteria for Admission in FS 1

Dear parents:

This is to inform the parent/ guardian about the requirements & policies of Dubai Carmel School for admission into a regular class of FS1.

The Requirements for FS1:

  • The age limit of the child should be 4 years as on 31th   December for the academic year.
  • The child should be lively & active.
  • The child should be able to express his/her needs & feelings.
  • The child should be able to speak clearly.
  • The child should be confident and compliant. ( eg: He can eat by himself. He can define his own materials. He can understand & follow teacher’s directions…)
  • The child should be in a position to work without constant assistance in order to increase their level of self -confidence over their work.
  • The child should be able to deal with his friends & teachers
  • In case the above requirements are not met, the school will not permit the child’s admission  into a regular class.
  • However, if the parents or guardian agree & confirm to take complete responsibility to ensure child’s development & progress with the home environment as well, then the conditions above can be negotiated.
  • The reason for this is because the school will be held responsible for the development & progress of the child which entirely depends on the time & efforts put in during the first 3-6 months by which the child should have acquired knowledge to proceed further.
  • If in case the child is incapable of doing so for specified reasons, then the parent/ guardian should ensure that extra effort is being put into the development of the child outside school as well as & parents must take complete responsibility for doing so.
  • If in case the child is having any medical problem, the parents should inform the school & must provide medical report about their child. So that the school can provide the Special Need Assistant to that child.

Thank you.

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