Criteria for Admission in FS 2

Dear parents:

This is to inform the parent/ guardian about the requirements & policies of Dubai Carmel School for admission into a regular class of FS2.

The Requirements for FS2:

  • The child should have completed FS1.
  • The age of the child should be 5 years as on 31st , if the child doesn’t have FS1 certificate.
  • The child should be able to express his/her needs & feelings.
  • The child must have the ability to write with pencil without constant assistance.
  • The child should have good knowledge of the letters of the English alphabets, be able to write a few of the letters of the alphabet.
  • The child must have the ability to recognize as well as be able to write numbers from ( 1-20).
  • The child should be in a position to work without constant assistance in order to increase his/ her independence and confidence over their work.
  • In case the above requirements are not met, the school will not permit inclusion of the child into a regular KG2 class. However, if the parent or guardian agrees and confirms to take complete responsibility to ensure child’s development and progress with the home environment as well, then the conditions above can be negotiated.
  • The reason for this is because the school will be held responsible for the development and progress of the child will entirely depend on the time and effort put in during the first 3-6 months by which the child should have acquired knowledge to proceed further.
  • If in case the child is incapable in doing so for specified reasons, then the parent/ guardian should ensure that extra effort is being put into the development of the child outside school as well and must take complete responsibility for doing so.
  • If in case the child is having any medical problem then the parents should inform the school & must provide medical report about their child. So that the school can provide the special need assistant to the child.

Thank you.

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