Tests & Exam

a) All parents should get the examination schedule, which is usually made available one week prior to      the examination date. It is very important for the parent before the examination period to:

  •  Remind the student of the examination and  help to get ready for it.
  •  Make sure that the student has received the required material for each  subject.
  •   Do not embarrass the teacher or school by requesting a re-test if the result is unsatisfactory.
  •  Keep all the daily quizzes and exam papers as they will be needed for the preparation of the end-of-term tests.

b) Absence from any examination will not be allowed and no re-test will be conducted unless the cause of     absence is on medical grounds which is confirmed  MOH authorized  doctor and the   administration.

Report card
Students will be given grade thrice a year, grades will be based on three term exams, assignments, projects, class quizzes, monthly exams, pop quizzes. The following percentage below represents the scale to determine the Grade.
                                             Grading Table 

Grade Grading Threshold  Grade  Grading Threshold
A+  97-100 C 70-72
A 93- 96 D+ 67-69
A- 90-92 D 63-66
B+ 87-89 D- 60-62
B 83-86 F Below 60 
B- 80-82
C+ 77-79
C 73-76