Uniform Code: “Our Uniform is Our Identity” we believe.
D.C.S. students come smartly dressed in a neatly pressed uniform.

  • Students dress in complete school uniform on all week days. P.E. uniform is allowed on the day when the students have P.E.
  • Students can to purchase the  D.C.S. school uniform for both regular school wear and physical education classes from the school uniform store which functions throughout the year.
  • Uniform is to be worn to school daily for all school events, outdoor trips and excursions.
  • Boys must get their hair cropped short. Girls are required to tie their hair neatly. Trendy and informal hair cut is not allowed.
  • Female students are not allowed to wear dangling jewelry, makeup or any other accessories.
  • IGCSE students are expected to be dressed in the school uniform during their final IGCSE Examination.